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by on Feb.24, 2009, under Life Poems

Life Poems represent various aspects of how God has actively been involved in changing me into the person He has always intended. Renewal is about humiliation and how God used it to fashion a spirit of humility. It is my story – of arrogance, failure, a changed heart, and God’s faithfulness. 

Tall and proud the building stood,
Just off the city square,
Down it looked, on all who passed
A gaze with regal air.

Few there were who ventured in
Who dared to look inside,
Those who did viewed empty rooms
Where no one did abide.

No work went on, no lives were lived
The walls well hid its death,
Fresh coats of paint, the whole facade
Spoke just of health and breath.

Yet nothing lasts forever
There comes an end to fraud,
And the Owner of the building
Spoke with His Father, God.

“The value of this place, you know
Is too great to count as loss,
I think it’s time to bring it down
What ever be the cost.”

So the Master set the charges
Well-timed in every place,
They did their work in clouds of dirt,
No building left, just space.

The neighbor buildings standing
Unscarred on either side,
Witnessed the destruction
There was nothing left to hide.

Debris and tons of wreckage
Mounds piled wide and high,
Stood now in place of structure
All viewed by passersby.

Before the dust had settled
There came the tractors’ sound,
To haul away the refuse
To scrape and smooth the ground.
And when this task was finished
The Owner paused to view,
What once was, and would be
And then began anew.

He ordered more machines to cut
And dig the earth away,
Prepare foundation strong and deep
To last until the day.

Away from eyes this job was done
No one knew or saw,
The depth of re-work needed
To excise every flaw.

To build a building solid
One to stand the test,
For ’til this task was finished
The Owner could not rest.

I do not know the form yet
Of the building that will grow,
To replace the one that stood there
But one thing I do know.

It may be small and modest
Without the royal air,
But heart will be inside its walls
There will be life lived there.

Then the Owner will stop and smile
As His work is finally through,
At last He’ll say “Well done”
He has made all things new.

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