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Generous Grouch?

by on Mar.19, 2009, under A Steward’s Journey

When was the last time you met a Generous Grouch? I’ll bet you never have, I’ll bet your experience is the same as mine: generous people are the least grouchy people on earth. They are, in fact, and most happy and contented people you’ll ever meet.

People who are into themselves, who are into money and the things money can buy … they’re just not very much fun to be around. But people who are into others, who generously share their money and possessions … they’re like stepping into the sunlight on a too cool day … their presence enough to surround us in warmth. 

Chapter 10 of A Steward’s Journey is about the grouch and generosity. The Bible has a lot to say about both, and the wise will follow its counsel.

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