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Never Late

by on Feb.24, 2009, under Life Poems

Life Poems represent various aspects of how God has actively been involved in changing me into the person He has always intended. Never Late reflects on how times of waiting and silence are transformed into strengthened faith.

Silence is the answer
To often panicked prayers,
The time can even come
Of doubt He’s really there.

Why? the shouted question
Why? Why? the echo sounds,
There are no words of comfort
No solace to be found.

Night’s darkness like a blanket
Holds out the morning’s dawn,
Blackness always present
The will to live near gone.

Emotions dead yet living
Share center stage each day,
Their owners never knowing
Which one will have its way.

Why? becomes Why bother?
Why hope when hope is gone?
When nothing done or spoken
Brings change to things for long.

Faith challenged to its limit
Beyond what first was known,
Before the journey started
A walk, it seems, alone.

Sure of what is hoped for?
Convinced of that not seen?
Then slowly, ever slowly
He shows what this can mean.

In times of desperation
When pressures will not wait,
He acts then, as always
Seldom early, never late.

Through whispers spoken softly
With acts of love and care,
Remembered, not forgotten
Yes, He is surely there.

There with Master’s purpose
Refiner’s work to do,
Love compels His action
Until the task is through.

To trust in times of quiet
To live in peace, not fear
The struggle through the silence
Has taught He’s always near.

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