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by on Mar.17, 2009, under Faith in the Public Square

I discovered a short book by Marja Meijers called Breath of Life and highly recommend it. It can be ordered here. The engaging story is a powerful apologetic for choosing life and is narrated by a wonderful little personality named Sorek. Follow the links, Sorek will appreciate it!

When I finished reading Breath of Life I knew I wasn’t finished with Sorek. This brief poem is written in his honor.


Who will side with Sorek?
Who will set him free?

God has formed his features
God has shaped his plan
This God who holds his future
Still gives a choice to Man.

Choice to seek his purpose
Or choice to turn away
Choice that stops a beating heart
Erases birth that day.

No laughter in his future
No hugs, no friends, no wife
Because a choice was wrongly used 
And took his Breath of Life.

Millions are their numbers
Sorek all their name 
Lives not lived but slaughtered
Choice reduced to shame.

Must it always be this way?
Is there nothing we can do?
To value life above false choice
What’s next is up to you.

Who will side with Sorek?
Who will set him free?

I will side with Sorek
I will help him be.

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