Profiles in Cowardice

by on Sep.07, 2014, under Musings

Remember John F. Kennedy’s book Profiles in Courage? What we are seeing out of Washington now is anything but. When politicians are afraid to go on the record in the days before an election, because they fear the consequences that will be handed down by citizens at the ballot box, it is more like profiles in cowardice. Worse, it is a deliberate attempt to subvert the proper functioning of a representative democracy. Elected officials should not be considered a ruling class; they should function as stewards acting for the will of the people. And when those stewards overrule the people they should be willing to do so on the record and accept the consequences. Delaying executive actions or votes on key legislation until there is no impact on incumbents is not what should occur in a healthy constitutional republic. It is evidence of a fundamental transformation that bodes ill for the future of America.

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