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Reality in an Unreal Election

by on Nov.05, 2016, under Faith in the Public Square, Musings

Some days reality is harder to face than others. Tuesday will be such a day. For the reality is that we must choose between two horribly-flawed candidates. Neither has demonstrated the honor or character that should be required of a President. But the reality is that one of them will be, like it or not. To vote for either should be an extremely difficult thing to do but a vote must be cast nonetheless.
Yet here is another reality – our vote will also decide who is sworn in as Vice President; who will fill the Cabinet Secretary positions; who will have a hand in deciding and implementing crucial policies throughout our government. Our vote will move the Supreme Court in one direction or another, and lower federal courts as well. That reality brings greater clarity and, for me, makes the choice easier to make.
A vote for she who pledges to continue the present course means more of what we now have. The names and personalities of Cabinet officials and their deputies may change, but the ideological bent of the newcomers will not. And I judge the ideologies of the current government to be a grave threat.
A vote for he who seems unable to get over himself at least comes with this promise: he picked a good and decent man to run with him. That gives me hope that others selected to fill important roles in the executive and judicial branches will be women and men of equal integrity and character.
So the reality is that my vote is not a choice to fill one position, but thousands. And that is why and how I will cast my ballot. And I will pray this sad chapter of American politics is not soon repeated.

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